Jan 31 2017

Dental Health Month!

As you may have heard, or seen (since it’s all over every page we have), February is dental health month. We have a special little promotion on dentals this month that will equally benefit both you and your pet(s). We are offering 10% off your dental procedure and 50% off a box of Oravet Dental Chews!

This is such a big deal because dental disease doesn’t just effect your pets mouth. It not only can cause pain and tooth loss, but it can be a gateway for infection to get into their blood stream and cause infection in other parts of their body, urinary tract infection, heart valve disease, etc. That’s why it’s so important your pets have good dental hygiene!

If you notice any signs of dental disease; mouth odor, sneezing, difficulty eating, brown, yellow, or black debris, then call us today to take advantage of our special and schedule your pets dental!

If you’re unsure if your pet even needs a dental, you can call to schedule a complimentary exam with Lora (our wonderful technician) to see if your pet would benefit from having a dental done. What would it hurt to just pop in (scheduled pop-in of course) to see if your pet is in need of a good cleaning? Nothing because it’s a free pop-in! AND, you have the whole month of February to get your pet in our doors to receive the free consult and discounted dental. But you better hurry, February starts very soon and our surgery days are sure to fill up quickly!

Give either myself or Talia a call and schedule your spontaneous pop-in, or if you’re sure your pet needs a dental then call us to schedule an appointment. Your pets health is very important to us and their teeth are no exception.

Click on the link below to learn more about dental disease and how to prevent it all year round.



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