In Memoriam


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Thank you for the beautiful card and offer to share a photo and words about my “Mooch”….
Nooddi (my 11 yr. old male kitty) and I miss her…Nooddi has never been without her…a week has passed and
he is still waiting for me to bring her back to our room…he looks for her…
 15 years goes by so fast it seems and so many memories and smiles I could share….
 She was a foundling at about 5 weeks and had the biggest ears I’d ever seen on a kitten…
She used to wake me with little kisses in the morning and that’s where the “Smooch” came from…
 She was kind and patient and tolerant of silliness…we have been traveling since she was 6 yrs. old…from home to home to place to place…
as long as she had her (toy) fishin pole, her blanket, and her momma doll, she was home…she loved to be brushed and have her
belly rubbed…she loved Tuna…she loved to watch birds and squirrels and critters outside…she didn’t like stinkbugs…she loved to type on the
keypad of my computer…she loved new age relaxation music and would run to the bed and lay next to
me when I did meditation and played that sort of music….she made me smile….
 She was my girlfriend….she was a great joy and comfort to me…and I was lucky to have her all these years…
Nooddi and I loved her and will miss her always.
Thank you!